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Judy Plytynski (Young)

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of another one of our classmates, Judy Plytynski. She will be remembered.  Judy earned earned both her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Kean University in Union, and she was employed as a crisis counselor with Rutger's University Behavioral Health Care. She is survived by her daughter, Kelly Young of Woodbridge; a sister, Christina Zaniewski, and her husband Raymond of Metuchen; and two brothers, James Plytynski and his wife, Diane of Frenchtown and Stanley Plytynski and his wife, Tricia of Hamilton.

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09/13/15 11:58 PM #1    

Louise Mase (Grillo)


I so miss you that words cannot explain.  Rather, let me share our 56 years of friendship with others.  We met in first grade at St. James in Springfield.  I quickly realized that you were a great kid who'd let me copy your homework, and we became best friends.  You were the book smart one; I was the not so book smart one...he he he!

I loved your sleep over parties from the time we were just little kids.  Your mom was always so good and picked us up too.  I felt right at home upstairs with the fabulous "air-conditioning"..........and the secret closets which went all the way around the upstairs; not to mention the laundry shoot!  We had soooo much fun with the nuns, and I was always trying to get us in trouble.  Thank God the nuns all loved you because you always did your homework and listened in class while I did my best to distract you!

How many times did we go to Union on shopping sprees on the bus, and then stop for a pizza at Union Pizza on Morris Avenue.  (Not to mention ordering take out from them, only to have the pizza delivered and see the surprise on the guy's face when two kids answered the door to pay for the ex-cheese pie!)  Thanks for all the nights I slept over during the summer in your air conditioning  by throwing a rock up at your bedroom window to let you know I wanted in without alerting your parents.  And raiding your parents' frig...........OMG........could we make each other laugh right to the end like two dopey little kids who never grew up.

Then at 23 we moved to Puerto Rico for a couple of years..........that was fabulous.  I learned that your dad hated me for taking you away from Jersey, and my Mom hated you for taking me away from Jersey.  I can't honestly remember whose idea it was to move there because we had so many fun vacations there beforehand.  Well from there I moved to Las Vegas and then CA, but we always remained the best of friends and always managed to see each other every year.  My hubby, Rich, loved you immediately and thought you were a great gal.

Since getting your Master's degree at night school, I loved that you started coming to SC to stay with us.   You have no idea how much I'll miss that and our almost daily emails.  YOU WILL BE IN MY HEART FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  I HAVE SO MANY FOND MEMORIES, AND, WHEN I CAN BETTER ACCEPT THE LOSS OF SUCH A GREAT FRIEND, I WILL UNDOUBTEDLY THINK BACK ON THEM WITH GREAT JOY! 

My only comfort in your passing is in the knowledge that you did not suffer; albeit you went much too quickly. I know that we always said we'd grow to be "old ladies" together, but now I must say good-bye and wish you much happiness in  heaven with your family and friends, and with the knowledge that you left so many to miss you here on earth. Until we meet again........I love you, Jude...........


09/14/15 10:18 AM #2    

Bonnie Newby (Wagner)


Thanks for opening up your heart and sharing your memories of 56 years of friendship with Judy.

I didn't know her nearly we well as you did, but always thought she was a warm and caring person who seemed to put others ahead of herself, and was totally amazed that she earned first her Bachelors and then her Masters in her late 50's while also raising a daughter on her own.  That shows a lot of perseverance!

I know only too well what it's like to lose a best friend, and it hurts.  Although physically not on this earth, they will remain in our hearts forever.  They're probably socializing up in heaven and looking down on us.  

Not only was it good to see you on August 9th, but I'm glad Dennis and I were there for you at such a sad time.  

Love ya!





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